Corey J. Miles

Corey J. Miles is an assistant professor of sociology and Africana Studies at Tulane University. He is the author of Vibe: The Sound and Feeling of Black Life in the American South (University Press of Mississippi). His research is a conversation between the intimacies of blackness, hip hop, racialized emotions, carcerality, and ethnography. He has received funding from numerous organizations such as the American Sociological Association to engage in work that challenges disciplinary bounds and demands thinking beyond discipline altogether. This work has been published in outlets such as Cultural StudiesHumanity and Society, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Miles is from the rural black town of Weldon North Carolina, where he learned that style and beauty are central to how black people move above the red clay they live on. Even more important than a list of professional accomplishments, he is committed to living blackness in community with other black people.